Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life in pictures- Secret title

This time I am going to post a poem for this edition of "Life in pictures"
It is a poem wrote by my husband in the memory of his mother. Since I recently lost my mom also...I understand very well what he means in his poem. You can find more poems of his here.

It had become such a familiar feeling,
a security I never had to think about.
If it was walking, running, jumping...,
your safety net was there to catch me with every fall.
You cleaned my wounds and kissed them.
I didn't get the chance to return the favour
and God knows that was all I wanted.
27 years passed and still not over you.
It's impossible, mom.
Hope to meet you in heaven, one day.

God rest them in peace!


  1. Wonderful and touching poem.

    Regards and best wishes

  2. Wow, wonderful poem,very sensitive. Have a nice night!

  3. beautiful and sensitive poem !!!

  4. Very nice of him. It is very difficult to lose someone you love. we all owe a sacrifice to God, and the greatest sacrifice is our life.

    1. Multumesc mult Costin...foarte frumos spus!